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AREON produce remarkable quality air fresheners that never fail to impress people that are exposed to them. This has inspired Livyes Inc. to work with the company to be able to offer their complete line of products while looking to supply others also interested in becoming distributors for AREON.

The right air freshener can change the whole experience of driving in a car or the positive atmosphere of a room or office space. The problem is when it comes to quality, many air freshener brands fall far short from having high standards, either in their smell, price, or how long they last for. AREON Air Fresheners has proven to be the exception to the rule. This has been a strong motivator for Reading, MA-based company Livyes Inc. to establish a winning relationship with AREON. While some other east coast companies offer a few AREON choices Livyes distributes their entire portfolio, backed by dependable customer service, and attractive prices. The company recently celebrated their success in this area, while moving forward in their plans to bring in other distributors under them expanding the services they offer with quality large wholesale sales.

“We believe in AREON Air Fresheners and the product line has worked out for us as they produce such high-quality products,” commented a spokesperson from Livyes. “By delivering quality at a low price we have been able to expand at a steady pace and this trend is only going to continue to grow.”


Currently, AREON popular products stocked by Livyes include air fresheners for cars, luxury air fresheners for cars for those who demand the best, and air fresheners for the home and office. Each category has a long of different scent options, certainly with something that appeals to nearly everyone. And when ordered from Livyes, the products are all available at very low prices, making the business who resells them able to make a respectable profit.

Feedback for Livyes has been very positive and enthusiastic across the board.

Chris S., from Massachusetts, recently said in a five-star review, “We have a business where many people see a display for car air fresheners and are quick to impulse buy. The problem has been finding a brand we really like. We’ve gone through three and something always became a problem: being able to keep us stocked, price issues, or quality concerns. All this ended when we started ordering AREON Air Fresheners from Livyes. They have treated us well and bend over backward to meet our needs. Plus the air fresheners are remarkable themselves. Fully recommended.”

AREON products are manufactured in Bulgaria under high-quality standards by Balev Ltd, in a huge 10,000 square foot plant. They make their product line available in close to 100 countries, as well as Amazon and Ebay. Livyes aims to be their primary distributor in the United States.

For more information or to become a distributor be sure to contact us.



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