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Vanilla AKB12 – Areon Ken Car Scent Air freshener

(15 customer reviews)


Areon Ken brings long-lasting freshness in your car, home or office. Just open and enjoy.

If you want different fragrances, check our аssorted packs:


Areon Ken brings long-lasting freshness in your car, home or office. Just open and enjoy.

15 reviews for Vanilla AKB12 – Areon Ken Car Scent Air freshener

  1. Cody k (verified owner)

    They smell amazing and are very strong.

  2. Christopher Wilson (verified owner)

    Used in my car. Smells great.

  3. PhillyGirl (verified owner)

    The scent on these lasts weeks. At least the vanilla one does. Haven’t tried any other scents yet because the vanilla one still smells after weeks in my car.

  4. Cmonty2100 (verified owner)

    Great air fresheners. Each scent can lasts for a month or so, great purchase!

  5. T. Mossman (verified owner)

    Fantastic smell that lasts forever!! I use them in my car, closets, even my small bathroom!! Definitely worth the money!

  6. CaliRaider (verified owner)

    Price is right & they smell great.

  7. Mehmet (verified owner)

    My favorite car scent brand. I love how vanilla smells, not heavy but just enough. Its longevity is also good.

  8. ulla1950 (verified owner)

    If you are looking for long lasting scents to remove odors in your car buy this set. There is a scent for you and your family and friends in this box. Even a great “small” gift for you coworkers or friends. Covers “old” odors in your car and makes it smell pleasant. It lasts for weeks. Just place it under you back seat and forget it. No dangling device under your mirror.

  9. Bernadine Trout (verified owner)

    I use the product in my car. It last much longer than the common car air fresheners.

  10. True (verified owner)

    favourite scent

  11. Jazzmyn M (verified owner)

    Great smell, long lasting, cheaply priced, good value, good variety of scents, arrived quickly.

  12. Michele E. (verified owner)

    A great variety of scents at your disposal, they last long as long as you don’t use the air conditioning a lot. Heat is a scent incubator so it keeps any scent for a very long time.

  13. Andrew (verified owner)

    Only air freshener I use.

  14. Shirley Evans (verified owner)

    We like the longevity of the scent. The container was easily hidden. Enjoying it.

  15. sander schneider (verified owner)

    The scent is great in your home and vehicle. The strength of the scents are adjustable!! Excellent.

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